Tian Kun Joins TI as Fellow

2024-03-02 16:36:52
On March 2, 2024, Mr. Tian Kun joined Taihe Institute (TI) as a fellow.

Tian was born and raised in Hunan, and currently resides overseas, but maintains strong ties to China. He currently serves as an associate professor and doctoral supervisor at Kent Business School, University of Kent, and is a visiting fellow at Peterhouse College, University of Cambridge. Tian's research is mainly focused on economic growth, fiscal and monetary policy, nominal rigidity, consumer behavior, private sector innovation, and corporate green development strategies. He has presided over projects from the National Social Science Fund of China, the Youth Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education of China, and the Social Science Fund of Hunan, and has previously participated in several TI academic activities.

The joining of Mr. Tian Kun will further enhance TI's research capabilities in the field of economics and finance, in addition to facilitating TI's international exchanges.


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