Ding Jianwei Joins TI as Senior Fellow

2023-10-26 14:22:45
On October 26, 2023, Ding Jianwei joined Taihe Institute (TI) as a senior fellow.
Ding Jianwei, Ph.D. in Law, Level II Bureau Rank Official, is a research fellow at Euro-Asian Social Development Research Institute of Development Research Center of the State Council. Previously, he served in many roles including counselor at Embassies of China in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Ukraine.
Ding has conducted profound theoretical research and achieved abundant results in Central Asian studies. He has published monographs such as Security of China's Northwest Frontier Region in the Context of Geopolitics and Research on the Security Issue of China's Northwest Frontier Region in Modern Times, as well as more than 30 articles, such as "Internal and External Factors in the Development of Extremist Forces in Central Asia," "Research on the Ethnicities of the Same Origin in Central Asia and China's Northwest Frontier Region," and "New Approaches to Modernization in Ethnic Minority Areas." Additionally, Ding has led and completed the research program "Issue of Uygurs and the 'East Turkestan' Forces in Kazakhstan."
The joining of Ding Jianwei will further enhance TI's research capabilities in the field of international relations.



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