XVII High-Level Meeting Held in Beijing

June 24, 2019, Beijing, China

Group Photo for Participants in XVII High-Level Meeting Beijing

(Photo Courtesy of CPIFA)


On June 24, XVII High-Level Meeting Beijing was held in Yanqi Conference Center. The meeting was co-hosted by the Chinese People’s Institute of Foreign Affairs (CPIFA) and Nizami Ganjavi International Center (NGIC). Mr. Dai Bingguo, former State Councilor and Ms. Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Co-Chair of NGIC and President of Latvia (1999-2007), delivered keynote speeches at the opening ceremony. 15 former foreign heads of state and government and many prominent figures from Chinese and foreign political, economic and academic fields attended this event.

Mr. Rashid Alimov, Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute, Mr. Cui Liru and Mr. Ding Yifan, Senior Researchers of Taihe Institute, were invited to attend and gave keynote speeches.


Rashid Alimov, Senior Fellow of Taihe Institute


With the conference themed on “The Development of China and Opportunities for the World”, participants exchanged in-depth views on issues such as reform and opening-up, “Belt and Road”, global governance, sustainable development and China-EU relations. Mr. Rashid Alimov delivered a speech entitled “‘Belt and Road’ - China's continuation of the policy of reform and the opening up of China”; Mr. Ding Yifan gave a speech on how to deepen reform and expand opening-up under the new situation of gaming between China and U.S.; Mr. Cui Liru made a speech on the new pattern of global governance and China’s role in multilateral institutions.


Ding Yifan, Senior Researcher of Taihe Institute


Cui Liru, Senior Researcher of Taihe Institute


In the future, Taihe Institute will adhere to the duty of “collaborating with global elites, seeking for common values” will continue to carry out and indepthly participate in international exchanges, and will strive to enhance mutual understanding between China and foreign countries.




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